Verse 1:

I was helpless as I sat inside your womb
Or was I just sitting inside of my tomb?

Hard to say decay had taken hold so strong
Or have I just been paranoid this goddamn long?


Hold it inside don't let them see that
the longer the life the more that they will bleed

Verse 2:

Deep inside you know we're at the very end
Past the point of no return once again

You have let too many years slip right by
Do not think you can escape the reapers eyes

Chorus 2:

Silent voices once told me that
the longer the life the more that they will bleed


These walls are thin and I can hear the cries
from the other side

Don't know if I should turn and walk away
or step into the hive

The louder the screams become the less I hear
clinging to this blade

I try to run but the deed is done
once again too late


from Thank God You've Got the Answers for Us All, released October 10, 2014


all rights reserved



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